Papau New Guinea

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DanniinPapauNewGuineaThe Ocean GEMSTM┬áteam flew to Papua New Guinea for an underwater adventure exploring some of the most diverse and healthy reefs on the planet! For 10 days we lived on board the M/V Febrina, cruising from reef to reef in Kimbe Bay on the north side of the island of New Britian. Every day we had 3 or 4 opportunities to dive: sometimes it was to a reef covered with sponges, hard and soft corals, sea fans and whips – and always teeming with colorful fish. Other times, we were in deep clear blue water surrounded by swirling schools of chevron barracuda or silvery jacks. A few times we sat quietly along a rocky reef edge watching gray reef, whitetip reef, or silvertip sharks swim nearby! A favorite underwater were the friendly hawksbill turtles!

The skies over the water were ever-changing: towering white clouds high over volcanic peaks; thick thunderstorms gray in the distance; brilliant sunsets painting sea and sky in red, orange, pink and gold.

One afternoon, we went ashore to the village of Bulu Muri where we met the local Papuans. Danni & Cat organized a relay race, which the kids loved!

Beautiful_island_reefOne dive found us exploring the virtually intact wreck of a WWII Japanese “Zero” aircraft. The pilot had crashed into the sea, escaped from the plane, and the aircraft came to rest gently on the sandy bottom in 60 feet of water.

With so much to see and explore, the 10 days went by way too fast and none of us wanted to leave!


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