Books to learn more about the world of gambling and casinos

Literature covers an infinite number of subjects and the world surrounding casinos is no exception. Whether it’s to improve your game, learn a bit of history or curiosities, you won’t find it hard to find something interesting to read. But to make sure you don’t struggle to get started, these five are a good start to a journey that will take you deeper into gambling than ever before.

1. The Power of Strategy

The book is considered a true masterpiece, written by a master gambler. If you want to improve your poker skills, this is a must read. Different chapters are waiting for you in which strategies and other interesting topics are explained in depth.

A self-respecting poker player should pay attention to the lessons this book has to offer. You’ll have no trouble putting them into practice and you’ll know they’re backed by an expert.

2. Win at roulette

Win at roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Its presence is in almost all of these buildings, as well as in more than a few films. However, getting a win and having it repeated is a difficult task. This is what the author himself thought when he saw one of these tables for the first time. His curiosity led him to start studying different methods, which he found often failed.

In the end, he came to a conclusion: to create his own system. But he did not do this task haphazardly or lightly. He spent years studying the game, consulting mathematicians and other notebook scholars. His goal was to optimise the results and make them more consistent. After testing his creation, he decided to write it down in this book. Various techniques, strategies and tips await you that will be of great use to you.

3. The world’s greatest blackjack book

This is one of the best publications written about blackjack. In its pages you will find detailed explanations of basic strategies. It won’t take you long to learn and understand them, as the author uses simple language for any audience. 

You will find ways in which casinos try to win and ways to be prepared. If you’re thinking of getting started in blackjack, this book will give you a foundation that will help you from the very first moment you start to win.

4. Gambling 102: the best strategies for all casino games

Gambling 102

This is a guide dedicated to the world of the casino, the games you can find and the most used strategies. If you are an amateur, this is a book that will be of great use to you. Inside you will find enough knowledge to get good results. Of course, you will have to put it into practice so that it is no longer just a bit of theory floating around in your head.

5. How to win at craps

Gerard is a French dice player, who explains his strategies and tricks in this book. It stands out for being very complete, as it shows you the different combinations and their probabilities, important information for plotting your moves.

In short, these five books will help you to start winning at gambling. Whether it’s poker or craps, don’t forget to put into practice what you have learned. At Goldenpark we have the best games for you to enjoy your best strategies.

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